Top destination - Why go there in Athens, Greece ?

Athens, Greek capital

Athens, Greek capital - Hadrian's library
Hadrian's library

The capital of Greece is simply an amazement. Whole year round, the marvels it contains can keep you busy for days, just staying in the street, and wandering around. The food is amazing, it got plenty of monument, places of interests, party places, nice hotels, is close to the beach… the list is endless. If you want to enjoy the pools or sea, it is better to go between May and October, and out of these months to avoid the tourist crowds.

  • Is tap water safe to drink in Athens, Greece ?
  • Yes
  • Average prices in Athens (USD - 1€ = USD$1.050486 )
  • Public transport ticket : 1.37 |
  • Taxi (5km) : 5.01 |
  • Train (200km) : 15.1 |
  • Restaurant (2 persons) : 80 |
  • 5* hotel : 290 |
  • 3* hotel : 100 |
  • Appartment rent : 770 |
  • Women haircut : 20.36 |
  • Men haircut : 14.78 |
  • Weekend city break (2 persons, 1 hotel night, without flights) : 530
Great Great 5/6 (1)  |See on map of Athens, Greece Athens, Greece

 Best hotels - Where to stay in Athens, Greece ?

Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens

Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens - rooftop pool illuminated in blue at night
rooftop pool illuminated in blue at night

The Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens is up to the Radisson Blu standard : comfortable, well located, spacious, contemporary, great staff, amazing breakfast, free and good wifi. However, the pool is disapointing : closing at 6pm, you will hardly enjoy it after a working day. The “rooftop restaurant” is indoor, and not around the pool, therefore you won’t really enjoy the Acropolis view. On top of that, the pool is dirty and cold – thought the reviews on other websites might have been due to unfortunate events, but we did experience it ourselves. Therefore, other options are preferrable to this hotel if you enjoy rooftop pools and dinners with amazing view, and having a swim after work. Also, the restaurant is expensive for small amounts of food with limited choice… therefore you might want to consider eating at another place, for example nearby restaurant Alexandra. Hotel is right next to a Hop on Hop off bus station, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it, starting for example with Monastiraki !

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |No problem experienced with free wifi during the stay Perfect wifi  |Expensive-Expensive Expensive  |150 EUR  |See on map of Athens, Greece Leof. Alexandras 10, Athina 106 82, Greece

Holiday Inn Athens airport

Holiday Inn Athens airport - Underground pool
Underground pool

Close to the airport, with a free airport shuttle, Holiday Inn Athens is a good way to spend a night while waiting for a flight. It is a little less expensive than downtown hotels, is brand new, clean, spacious and comfortable. Features a nice gym and underground pool.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |No problem experienced with free wifi during the stay Perfect wifi  |Expensive-Expensive Expensive  |120 EUR  |See on map of Athens, Greece Attica Avenue 40.2km, Between Exits 17 And 18, Athens 190 02, Greece

Novotel Athens

Novotel Athens - Business class large bed
Business class large bed

Probably one of the best hotel choice in Athens, especially in summer ! With an awesome rooftop pool and restaurant, especially for the panoramic city and acropolis view, it's difficult to get tired of resting there, either refreshing with a swim on a warm day, or by eating delicious tzatziki (served with pita bread if you ask, even if it isn't on the menu) or other specialties. Night rate is generally correct, breakfast is acceptable - the city breakfast, orange juice - coffee/tea - selection of pastries - fruits, for 7EUR, is the perfect light start of a day. Rooms are comfortable, clean, feature a nice balcony. One of the top picks in the city center, within walking distance of the Archeological museum, closeby a Hop-on hop-off stop, and at about 4EUR by taxi of Monastiraki, the main sightseeing / shopping / dining / walking area.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |No problem experienced with free wifi during the stay Perfect wifi  |Affordable-Affordable Affordable  |80 EUR  |See on map of Athens, Greece Michail Voda 4, Athina 104 39, Greece

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat in Athens, Greece ?

Plateia Dipopratiriou

Plateia Dipopratiriou - Greek singers
Greek singers

Terrace restaurant at walking distance of Monastiraki, serving traditional Greek dishes, with a great atmosphere. Prices are correct for the area, service is good, and food is very tasty. Greek music is complimentary ! Looking where to eat in Athens, on that square you will find good restaurants in Athens, where basically all of the restaurants list should be tried one after the other. Great reason to extend your Greek holiday !

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |Cheap-Cheap Cheap  |10 EUR  |See on map of Athens, Greece Plateia Dipopratiriou
Nearby :  Monastiraki    Monastiraki flee market   

Lunch place on Panos

Lunch place on Panos - Lunch place on Paros, Greek wine and salad with acropolis view
Lunch place on Paros, Greek wine and salad with acropolis view

Between your drop off at Monastiraki and your visit to the Acropolis, a good way to enjoy a nice local lunch with view on the Acropolis hill is to stop at one of the restaurants on Paros street. Many local restaurants are there, and the must try is of course tzatziki sauce with some pita bread accompanied by a Greek salad. Do not hesitate to have some gyros, or moussaka – in any case, it will be hard to be disappointed, restaurants are generally of good quality, with tasty food, and prices are similar. One of the good restaurants in Athens, part of our favorite restaurants list. Definitely a place where to eat in Athens !

Good Good 4/6 (1)  |Expensive-Expensive Expensive  |25 EUR  |See on map of Athens, Greece Panos, Athens, Greece

Αλεξάνδρα Εστιατόριο-Alexandra Restaurant

Αλεξάνδρα Εστιατόριο-Alexandra Restaurant - complimentary antipasti and wine
complimentary antipasti and wine

Located close to the Radisson Blu Park Hotel, about 800m / 15 min walk, this small and cozy restaurant is ideal for a relaxing dinner in a nice ambiance with contemporary food at an affordable price, served with nice complimentary antipasti.

Good Good 4/6 (1)  |Expensive-Expensive Expensive  |25 EUR  |See on map of Athens, Greece Zonara 21, Athina 114 72, Greece

Butcher shop Gazi

Butcher shop Gazi - Back of the building outdoor terrace
Back of the building outdoor terrace

At the entrance of Gazi, this restaurant is the ideal place to have an energizing dinner before partying in the nearby Gazi area. In summer, try the hidden outdoor terrace, on the back of the building. A place where to eat in Athens before party, as it is so close to the clubs. To put on the restaurants list of any party animal.

Good Good 4/6 (1)  |Affordable-Affordable Affordable  |20 EUR  |See on map of Athens, Greece Persefonis 19, Athina 118 54, Greece

 What to see in Athens, Greece ?


Monastiraki - view on Acropolis
view on Acropolis

To start your journey in old Athens, Monastiraki is the place to go. Easily accessible with Hop on Hop off buses, with metro, with taxi, you will even find shops open on Sunday. There you can admire the view on the Acropolis, shop, dine, or just chill in the small pedestrians streets and enjoy the awesome Greek culture all around you.

Nearby :  Little Cook    Plateia Dipopratiriou   

 Excellent activities - What to do in Athens, Greece ?

Little Cook

Little Cook - Room decoration
Room decoration

Amazing coffee shop, with unique and magical atmosphere, along with great tea and cake choice, this place is a ravishment. Very close to Monastiraki, it is a must stop for a romantic or unique evening.

Amazing Amazing 6/6 (1)  |10 EUR  |See on map of Athens, Greece Karaiskaki 17, Athina 105 54, Greece
Nearby :  Monastiraki    Monastiraki flee market   

The most Greek holiday

The most Greek holiday - Visit at the sea
Visit at the sea

Greece is not Greece without Athens and Athens is not Athens without a professional guide. If you really want to feel like a local and see the hidden and mystical places of Athens you can apply to @ilona_fun_greece on Instagram. This active and energetic guide will involve you into ancient and parallel modern Athens and will help to organize other trips around Greece. Have fun while discovering this magnificent country!

Amazing Amazing 6/6 (1)  |Cheap-Cheap Cheap  |See on map of Athens, Greece Athens, Greece

See Athens Walk (in English)

They welcome you to join them on an entertaining walk through Athens center. Where you will experience the ambiance of street cafes and history of thousands of years. It's an entertaining cultural orientation, fun walk throughout Athens center. Their journey covers people, the historical monuments, mythology and modern Greece. They go through the Constitution Square, see the Evzones, talk about the start of the Olympic games, see old churches and see Greek and Roman monuments. The Monastiraki and Plaka areas are covered and tasty Souvlaki roasting will be seen in action.

Taste and explore Athens with SAM

The best tour of Athens is the one that takes you to the sites around the Acropolis, the 5,000 years of the city's life will come to life in front of you. Today's bustling city still uses the same land, the same habits, the same food as the ancient Greeks. Come and get knowledge and have fun. You couldn't imagine how up-to-date the past can be. Let's finish drinking a glass of wine, the Greek drink of all time. Their itinerary will include admiring and learning about: The Temple of Zeus Arch of Andrian Melina Merkouri statue Makrigianni Area Acropolis and Parthenon The North Slope The Acropolis Museum Erodis Odeon Lumbardiaris Byzantine Church Pnyx Socrates Ariopagos Prison Ancient Greek Agora Finished in Plaka for a drink of wine, Retsina or traditional Ouzo. You will not enter anywhere and therefore there are no entrance fees.

Amazing Amazing 6/6 (1)  |Cheap-Cheap Cheap  |See on map of Athens, Greece Pl. Sintagmatos, Athina 105 63, Greece

Past and present of the Acropolis: free tour

In this tour, guide will be speaking live and you: a. Will 'walk' together virtually by many of the most important landmarks of ancient Athens and learn their story..! b. Will have an overview of the city’s ancient history and discuss about its greatest achievements such as Philosophy, Democracy, Sciences, Arts etc. c. Will examine some of the ancient philosophical theories under a new light due to surprising latest scientific discoveries d. Discuss the ancient Democracy compared to the modern!

Athens VIRTUAL Tour: History, Philosophy and Democracy

A walk through the historical center of Athens, where the Acropolis is the heart of the ancient and modern city. Athens is the birthplace of democracy and western civilization. I will show the key archaeological sites of the ancient city with a blend of history and mythology, while also walking in the old town of Plaka. You will learn how to get the most of your time in Athens, not just sightseeing, but also night life and leisure in Athens What are you going to visit? Hadrian's Library, Roman agora, Ancient Agora of Athens, Plaka, Mars hill / Areo pagus, Acropolis of Athens, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Theatre of Dionysus, Acropolis museum, Anafiotika, a Hidden Island in the Heart of Athens, Arch of Hadrian / Temple of Zeus

Amazing Amazing 6/6 (1)  |Cheap-Cheap Cheap  |

Discover the World of Athens Street Art and Graffiti!

Amazing Amazing 6/6 (1)  |Cheap-Cheap Cheap  |See on map of Athens, Greece Marikas Kotopouli, Athina 104 31, Greece

Athens Was & Is

They'll familiarise you with what was in Athens for 2500 years and what is now. They will show you the sights of the Greek and Roman eras. They will bring you up to speed with modern Greece culture and traditions.

Hop on hop off bus

Hop on hop off bus - Hop on hop off bus
Hop on hop off bus

As in many cities now in the world, a good way to get a quick glimpse at the city, along with some historical background (headphones are included, and you can choose between many languages), and the opportunity to visit as many places of interests as you like and can, the hop on hop off buses are a great way to spend one or more days. Buses are comfortable, the upper deck is open, staff is friendly and skilled, and you will surely enjoy the experience. Stops include for example the Radisson Blu Park Hotel, Monastiraki, or the Acropolis. Our tip : take the Piraeus tour, to have the opportunity to watch by yourself the beautiful sea around Athens, even if you’re not planning to go to swim. Approximate price Athens and Piraeus Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour Ticket : 20€ for a day

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |20 EUR  |See on map of Athens, Greece Athens, Greece

Gazi view

Gazi view - Panoramic view on Gazi
Panoramic view on Gazi

Bar with a panoramic view on Gazi, the party area, it's a good choice to start the evening. The food and drinks choice is limited, but the view is worthy.

Good Good 4/6 (1)  |10 EUR  |See on map of Athens, Greece Iakchou 22, Athina 118 54, Greece

Discover the Ancient City of Athens: History and Mythology.

This will be a tour of Exarchia square. There will be plenty of street art and history. The tour is provided by a local artist for an original urban tour of counterculture Athens. ​Exarheia Square is a neighborhood right in the centre of Athens. It is considered a cult and urban part of the city, the home of the poets, authors, actors. All types of artists considered Exarheia their home, therefore the neighborhood was known as the area of artists and intellectuals. There are many cafes, bars and little tavernas, but the most important is the art and graffiti that surrounds the area. So do not hesitate, and join them to experience it!

Find and book activities in Athens, Greece

 Best clubs - Where to party in Athens, Greece ?

Gazi party area

Gazi party area - Party in one of the clubs
Party in one of the clubs

If you want to party in Athens, would it be seeing a live concert, chilling in a bar, seeing a live show in a night club, or dancing on a rooftop party, Gazi is the area to visit. From the metro stop, all places are easily reachable by foot, therefore don't hesitate to try several places until you find what will take you to the next day.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |See on map of Athens, Greece Gazi, Athens

 Where to shop in Athens, Greece ?

Monastiraki flee market

Monastiraki flee market - Shopping street
Shopping street

Not only a place to eat and sightsee, Monastiraki is also a very good place to shop, especially for tourisms. Not only it has all the souvenirs you'd like, it also has more traditional shops, for example where you can get homemade Greek costumes.

Nearby :  Little Cook    Plateia Dipopratiriou   

Central Market

Central Market - view on the market
view on the market

If you are looking for local food to try yourself cooking some of the tasty local recipes, Central market is a good place to find everything you need.