Finest restaurants in Athens, Greece

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 Finest restaurants - Where to eat  in Athens, Greece ?

Plateia Dipopratiriou

Terrace restaurant at walking distance of Monastiraki, serving traditional Greek dishes, with a great atmosphere. Prices are correct for the area, service is good, and food is very...

Lunch place on Panos

Between your drop off at Monastiraki and your visit to the Acropolis, a good way to enjoy a nice local lunch with view on the Acropolis hill is to stop at one of the restaurants on...

Αλεξάνδρα Εστιατόριο-Alexandra Restaurant

Located close to the Radisson Blu Park Hotel, about 800m / 15 min walk, this small and cozy restaurant is ideal for a relaxing dinner in a nice ambiance with contemporary food at an...

Butcher shop Gazi

At the entrance of Gazi, this restaurant is the ideal place to have an energizing dinner before partying in the nearby Gazi area. In summer, try the hidden outdoor terrace, on the back...

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