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As in many cities now in the world, a good way to get a quick glimpse at the city, along with some historical background (headphones are included, and you can choose between many languages), and the opportunity to visit as many places of interests as you like and can, the hop on hop off buses are a great way to spend one or more days. Buses are comfortable, the upper deck is open, staff is friendly and skilled, and you will surely enjoy the experience. Stops include for example the Radisson Blu Park Hotel, Monastiraki, or the Acropolis. Our tip : take the Piraeus tour, to have the opportunity to watch by yourself the beautiful sea around Athens, even if you’re not planning to go to swim. Approximate price Athens and Piraeus Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour Ticket : 20€ for a day

Hop on hop off bus
Hop on hop off bus - Hop on hop off bus

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Hop on hop off bus
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20 EUR

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