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 Top destination - Why go there  in Vienna, Austria ?

Vienna, Austria

At the heart of Europe, Vienna, is a hub for the European Union, in many terms : culture, industry, art, … The city is huge – some days are required only to see it from outside,...

 Best hotels - Where to stay  in Vienna, Austria ?

Hotel Mercure Wien Westbahnhof

Good location, easily accessible with airport bus shuttle, and metro. Hotel hasn’t been refurbished for a while, but is in acceptable condition, and comfort is fine for a few days...

Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel

Great hotel located at the outskirts of the city, about 20 min walking distance from the center.

Hotel Pension Alla Lenz

This relatively small pension, is ideally located right close to a metro stop, close to the city center, therefore allowing for quick access to the city points of interests. It features...

Arcotel Wimberger Vienna

Situated next to a metroline, this affordable hotel gets to be close to the center with public transports, north of the city center.

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat  in Vienna, Austria ?

Figlmüller Wollzeile

The inventor of the Wiener Schnitzel, one of the most iconic meal of Austria ! The restaurant is full any time of the week, therefore consider booking beforehand. Queuing at the door...

 What to see  in Vienna, Austria ?

Schönbrunn Palace

The former baroque imperial summer residence, situated a bit out of the city. Buildings are magnificent, and parks are a pleasure to wander in. One of the most important building in...

Vienna City center

Vienna is one of the most picturesque and romantic city in Europe. Wandering in its streets is a ravishment, with beautiful buildings, street art, and street events.

Vienna State Opera

One of the most iconic buildings in Vienna, especially due to its appearance in several blockbusters, the Vienna opera is a beautiful building, and of course hosts impressive events.

Vienna Criminal Museum

An interesting and short museum to visit. Unfortunately mostly in German - but still some interesting pieces to see and information to learn.

Volkstheater Wien

A 19th century theater, the building is a piece of art itself.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Situated on the outskirts of the city, this beautiful Orthodox cathedral is one of the other main religious monuments to see in the city.


This open street - more street than square - displays amazing sculptures. It is surely on most touristic roads, and worth a stop to admire the surroundings.

St Stephen Cathedral

Main religious monument in Vienna, the St Stephen cathedral is also in the center of the city. The Christmas market is especially beautiful at its feet.

 Excellent activities - What to do  in Vienna, Austria ?

Free walking tours in Vienna

Free walking tours in Vienna

If you want to know in depth the Austrian capital, it is very advisable to do it together with an official local guide on one of the free tours in Vienna. You can discover not only...

Hop on hop off bus Vienna

With 4 lines, going nearly everywhere in the city, this is the perfect way to explore it, and see as much as possible ! Full tour with one of the lines typically lasts about 90min,...

Wiener Riesenrad - Vienna ferris wheel

A 65m tall ferris wheel in the Prater park, it has the particularity to be one of the last existing wheel with wooden cabins. The view on Vienna is of course impressive.

National History Museum Vienna

Located in the city center, in the middle of a beautiful park, and hosted in exceptional buildings, this museum is a delight from the outside to the inside.

Prater Wien

Large public parc very close to city center, it hosts lot of entertainment : restaurants, ferris wheel, roller coasters, and all kind of fun attractions for everybody.

Ströck Feierabend

Did you know that Austria invented both the coffee shops and the croissant pastry ? Regardless of the answer, having a coffee and a croissant in Vienna is a must do. Strock Feierabend...

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 Where to shop  in Vienna, Austria ?

Christmas Market Vienna

As in most European cities, the Christmas Market in Vienna is one the most important event of the year. Many markets are scattered around the city - the main one being around St Stephan...

Annagasse Vienna

Annagasse is one of the main streets in the city center. Border with shops and restaurants, it is the place to wander and admire.