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 Top destination - Why go there  in Strasbourg, France ?

Strasbourg, European Capital

Seat of the European Parliament, Strasbourg, the European Capital, but also the capital of the French region in which it is, is a marvel to visit. Featuring a huge old town, along with...

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat  in Strasbourg, France ?

Le Tire-Bouchon, traditional alsacian food

For a traditional meal, a good restaurant - locally called Winstub - is Le Tire-Bouchon (the corkscrew). With a choice of food and wines large enough to show you most of the local cuisine...

Restaurant à l'Ange

In a traditional and comfortable atmosphere, a very nice small restaurant where food is real and all meals worth a try. A nice escape from the center for a gourmet and budget culinary...

Les Innocents

Recently opened restaurant, the food is absolutely delicious. Wine choice is also very good. One of the current top spots in the city for a restaurant.

Ancienne douane

As it names indicates, this restaurant is situated in the former customs building. At walking distance from all main points of interest, it is very popular with local crowd, as it is...

Restaurant Brasserie Max

At the heart of Strasbourg, right next to the most important public transport hub, Homme de Fer, this restaurant offers great local food and amazing wine. For carpaccio lovers, the...

Restaurant In Vino Veritas

Situated right next to the cathedral, it is a good place to stop during your city sightseeing. In summer, the outdoor terrace at the bottom of the cathedral is a ravishment

Alambar, italian lounge restaurant

For a city lunch break, Alambar can be a solution. Terrace is comfortable, plates are plentiful. Unfortunately service can be very slow, and orders might have troubles to be taken correctly.

 What to see  in Strasbourg, France ?

Strasbourg Christmas market

Christmas market, existing since 1570, making it the oldest in Europe, is a must see around Christmas. All around town, several temporary Christmas market are set up, the most interesting...

Strasbourg Cathedral

The marvel of the city, definitely worth visiting. Strasbourg's cathedral was the tallest building in the world for 2 centuries, and still remains as the tallest building in the...

Strasbourg Christmas streets decoration

During winter time, and especially around Christmas, about a month before the market starts and a month after it ends, Strasbourg becomes magical : the streets are decorated with lights,...

Palais Rohan

Former residence of prince-bishops and cardinals from the Rohan house, from 18th Century, this historical place located along the river, it now hosts some of the most important museums...

 Excellent activities - What to do  in Strasbourg, France ?

Free walking tours in Strasbourg

Free walking tours in Strasbourg

When defining a tour of this city, it is very useful to have the advice of local experts who can guide you and teach you the history and culture of the most important points of interest....

Zombie walk

Now a must see September even, the Zombie walk in Strasbourg features whole day concert, local beer, food, and customed guests. If you happen to be in the area in September, do not...

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 Best clubs - Where to party  in Strasbourg, France ?

Retro Club

Ideally situated under Les Halles, one of the main commercial center in Strasbourg, it is usually opened Thursday - Sunday. With a bottle of champagne for 170€, it worth joining one...

La Salamandre Restaurant Night Club

La Salamandre is a very good place to party - both for your mood and for your budget. With parties from Thursday to Saturday, and bottles of champagne starting at 80€, you can safely...