Finest restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

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 Finest restaurants - Where to eat  in Bangkok, Thailand ?

Khao San street food

Visits in Bangkok are synonym of tasty street food, and that is the case on Khao San road. Plenty of offers day and night, with of course Pad Thai and spring rolls.

Khaosan road spring rolls

Tasty spring rolls is one of the must try when in Bangkok, and the ones on Khaosan road are great.

Oskar bistro

Upscale - and very crowded - restaurant, Oskar is a good place to have a very good dinner - try the oysters - and continue with a party downstairs.

Suda Thai restaurant

Praised by tourists connoisseurs, but also by local people, this restaurant will most likely ask you to wait for a table at busy times. Offering the whole range of Thai specialties,...

Superflow Beach Club Bangkok

Fancy a cocktail, feet in the sand, good food choice, and great live music ? Superflow Beach Club is then a good choice.

Coffee road

Many small shops offers coffee, and the Coffee Road makes great and cheap ones ! Iced or hot coffee, tea, beverages, and tasty local pastries, it is a great place to get a drink before...

Sunrise tacos nana station

In a small building combining a Sunrise Tacos, a Subway, and a Thai restaurant on upper floor, the Thai restaurant offers a nice terrace with street view. Food is good enough, and cocktails...

Roof bar and restaurant

Roof bar and restaurant

For a nicer view on Khao San street, as well as a nice diner and live music, try this bar restaurant on the second floor.

The ONE at Khaosan

This restaurant with a very peculiar setup, each table on a different step of a wide staircase, offer rather cheap and tasty cocktails and food for the location.

Tom Yum Kung restaurant

Names after a famous Thai meal, this restaurant has an ideal location at the end of Khaosan road.

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