Top destination - Why go there in Bangkok, Thailand ?

Bangkok, dynamic Thai capital

Bangkok, dynamic Thai capital - Wat aroun temple
Wat aroun temple

With 8 million residents, Bangkok, Thailand's capital, is a huge dynamic city, full of skyscrappers around typical houses and temples. The contrast is as much a surprise as a ravishment ! With great food, and many activities all around, from theme parks to river rides, there is something to do for all tastes. City is generally safe, and will keep its visitors busy with friendly locals, beautiful sights, and also amazing destinations around.

  • Is tap water safe to drink in Bangkok, Thailand ?
  • No - drink bottled water only and use it to brush your teeth
  • Average prices in Bangkok (USD - 1€ = USD$1.050486 )
  • Public transport ticket : 0.74 |
  • Taxi (5km) : 1.85 |
  • Train (200km) : 3.26 |
  • Restaurant (2 persons) : 50 |
  • 5* hotel : 180 |
  • 3* hotel : 110 |
  • Appartment rent : 500 |
  • Women haircut : 12.81 |
  • Men haircut : 9.53 |
  • Weekend city break (2 persons, 1 hotel night, without flights) : 320
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 Which local specifics in Bangkok, Thailand ?

Bangkok metro

Bangkok metro - Arrival of a metro
Arrival of a metro

The aerial metro in Bangkok is very convenient, with stops easily accessible at convenient locations, and generally no issue to find help buying tickets for foreigners. All station names are displayed in both Thai and English, and announcements are understandable. The system might be a bit disappointing at first - tickets have to be bought per number of stations traveled, but it takes only a few minutes to understand the system.

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Tuk tuk transportation

Tuk tuk transportation - On the road in a Tuk Tuk
On the road in a Tuk Tuk

Nothing sounds more typical than going around the city in a Tuk Tuk ! Usually designed to transport 2 persons, some of them let up to 5 people squeeze in. Price must always be negotiated in advance, and there is unfortunately no rule there, but most of the time, it is easy to get half of the initially asked price.

 Best hotels - Where to stay in Bangkok, Thailand ?

Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok

Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok - Rooftop pool with city view
Rooftop pool with city view

Luxury and great service ! That is what this hotel is. Great location very close to the Asok metro station, awesome rooftop bar, and also many other rooftop bars and restaurants around, closeby Soi Cowboy entertainment street, beautiful rooftop pool, amazing breakfast, large gym and spa, but also a great executive lounge. This hotel has everything - so much that it is hard to ever leave it! Taxi from Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok to Bangkok airport costs around 600 THB

Park Plaza Sukhumvit Bangkok

Park Plaza Sukhumvit Bangkok - Rooftop pool with city view
Rooftop pool with city view

With great service, rooftop gym and pool, and a good location next to Asok metro station, this Club Carlson hotel is a very good choice for a mix of budget and luxury. Beware, taxis easily mix it with the nearby "Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18", located across the street. Approximate tariff from hotel to airport : 600 THB

Taipan Hotel

Taipan Hotel - Outdoor swimming pool
Outdoor swimming pool

With a large choice of room types - including 3 single beds - this relatively cheap hotel has a nice gym, a good pool, and a nice terrace. It is located so close to Soi Cowboy entertainment street, it does not even feel like walking there.

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat in Bangkok, Thailand ?

Khao San street food

Khao San street food - Food preparation
Food preparation

Visits in Bangkok are synonym of tasty street food, and that is the case on Khao San road. Plenty of offers day and night, with of course Pad Thai and spring rolls.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |Cheap-Cheap Cheap  |50 THB  |See on map of Bangkok, Thailand Khaosan Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Khaosan road spring rolls

Khaosan road spring rolls - Spring rolls on Khaosan
Spring rolls on Khaosan

Tasty spring rolls is one of the must try when in Bangkok, and the ones on Khaosan road are great.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |Cheap-Cheap Cheap  |50 THB  |See on map of Bangkok, Thailand Khaosan road, Bangkok, Thailand

Oskar bistro

Oskar bistro - Main bar
Main bar

Upscale - and very crowded - restaurant, Oskar is a good place to have a very good dinner - try the oysters - and continue with a party downstairs.

Nearby :  Insanity night club    Sugar club   

Suda Thai restaurant

Suda Thai restaurant - Restaurant view from the street
Restaurant view from the street

Praised by tourists connoisseurs, but also by local people, this restaurant will most likely ask you to wait for a table at busy times. Offering the whole range of Thai specialties, perfectly cooked, with great service, and for a very cheap price, it is as good for lunch as for diner.

Superflow Beach Club Bangkok

Superflow Beach Club Bangkok - Sand and live music
Sand and live music

Fancy a cocktail, feet in the sand, good food choice, and great live music ? Superflow Beach Club is then a good choice.

Coffee road

Coffee road - Coffee Road at Asok metro station
Coffee Road at Asok metro station

Many small shops offers coffee, and the Coffee Road makes great and cheap ones ! Iced or hot coffee, tea, beverages, and tasty local pastries, it is a great place to get a drink before going on a day long city walk.

Nearby :  Bangkok heightz    Bangkok metro   

Sunrise tacos nana station

Sunrise tacos nana station - Cocktails on terrace
Cocktails on terrace

In a small building combining a Sunrise Tacos, a Subway, and a Thai restaurant on upper floor, the Thai restaurant offers a nice terrace with street view. Food is good enough, and cocktails are tasty.

Nearby :  Bangkok metro   

Roof bar and restaurant

Roof bar and restaurant - Street view
Street view

For a nicer view on Khao San street, as well as a nice diner and live music, try this bar restaurant on the second floor.

The ONE at Khaosan

The ONE at Khaosan - View from the street
View from the street

This restaurant with a very peculiar setup, each table on a different step of a wide staircase, offer rather cheap and tasty cocktails and food for the location.

Tom Yum Kung restaurant

Tom Yum Kung restaurant - View from the street
View from the street

Names after a famous Thai meal, this restaurant has an ideal location at the end of Khaosan road.

 What to see in Bangkok, Thailand ?

Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan buddhist temple

Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan buddhist temple - Getting to the temple by boat
Getting to the temple by boat

Wat Arun, the temple of dawn, located on the west bank of Chao Phraya, it is own of Thailand landmark, with a construction started in 17th century, that continued during the 19th. Our advice : get there by boat, half an hour is enough to go around the free walking area, but count at least 2 hours to do the full tour

 Excellent activities - What to do in Bangkok, Thailand ?

Bangkok heightz

Bangkok heightz - Coconut and spicy cocktails
Coconut and spicy cocktails

Rooftop bar at The Continent Hotel, it offers a large choice of amazing cocktails, all with a very specific presentation. Generally accessible without reservation, if features a large indoor seating area with air conditionned, and also offer a small balcony for smokers. As in many places in Thailand, be aware : spicy means spicy !

Bangkok massage

Bangkok massage - Thai massage window
Thai massage window

No trip in Thailand without a Thai massage ! Available nearly at every corner, generally costing around 300 THB for a one hour Thai massage, they are not the cheapest in the country, but price is still acceptable. Do not hesitate to try out feet massages and oil massages as well - during the later ones, despite being forbidden, happy endings might be offered for an additional charge.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |Affordable-Affordable Affordable  |300 THB  |See on map of Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand

Tour on the Chao Phraya River

Tour on the Chao Phraya River - Riding Chao Phraya river
Riding Chao Phraya river

The major river in Thailand, Chao Phraya can be visited by renting a small traditional longtail boat, which can host up to 10 guests. A trip is usually sold at 1500 THB per person, but can easily be negotiated at 1000 THB. Several piers offers tours, going up or down the river, or stopping at your place of choice, for example the Wat Arun temple.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |Affordable-Affordable Affordable  |1000 THB  |See on map of Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailan

Oriental ferry pier

Oriental ferry pier - Bar and pier
Bar and pier

To rent a longtail boat and go on an excursion on Chao Phraya river, either going fish feeding or visiting temples, Oriental Ferry pier is a good place to go. Do not hesitate to negotiate the price - from initial price of 1500THB, we went down to 1000THB. Also, take a beer to enjoy on the ride.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |Affordable-Affordable Affordable  |1000 THB  |See on map of Bangkok, Thailand Oriental ferry, Bangkok, Thailand

Brewski craft beer rooftop bar

Brewski craft beer rooftop bar - Beer with city view
Beer with city view

Situated on top of the Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok, the Brewski rooftop bar offers a large choice - around 20 - craft beers from over the world. Bar is fully outdoor, have a 270° view on the city, and is a great place to start an evening out.

Fish feeding on Chao Phraya river

Fish feeding on Chao Phraya river - Fishes getting excited
Fishes getting excited

While doing a longtail boat tour, do not hesitate to stop to feed the fishes ! Known as a tradition bringing good luck, it is also a fun short activity. On our tour, the boat guide offered us the bread - but other ones might ask you for a small contribution.

Good Good 4/6 (1)  |See on map of Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok Yai, Thailand

Khaosan road

Khaosan road - Khaosan street view
Khaosan street view

Described as the centre of bagpacking universe, Khaosan road has plenty of hostels, bars, restaurants, shops, massages, and street food all along. Great place to stay or to visit.

Wat Pho Buddhist temple complex

Wat Pho Buddhist temple complex - View from the street
View from the street

Wat Pho temple is the first of the 6th first class royal temples in Thailand. It hosts the largest collection of Buddha images in the country, as well as 46m long reclining Buddha ! Recognized as a UNESCO Memory of the World Program, this is one of the main cultural site to visit in the city.

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 Best clubs - Where to party in Bangkok, Thailand ?

Country Road bar Soi Cowboy

Country Road bar Soi Cowboy - Party with live music
Party with live music

At the beginning of Soi Cowboy street, Country Road bar is a great place to have a drink, dance, or play billiard. With live bands, and a large enough dancefloor, the generous indoor room has plenty of space to party. And a small street terrace is ideal to take some fresh air.

Insanity night club

Insanity night club - Party is on
Party is on

With great electronic music, Insanity club is a great place to party at night. Dancers are helping putting everybody in the right mood, the large dancing area offers plenty of space to move, and the large bars are serving very fast with good service.

Nearby :  Oskar bistro    Sugar club   

Narz night club

Narz night club - Party view
Party view

A night club with mostly local crowd, good electronic music, and amazing show. This night club, situated a bit out of the main streets, is a great place to spend the nice, dance, and drink for affordable price.

Soi Cowboy entertainment street

Soi Cowboy entertainment street - Street view at night
Street view at night

One of the most well known streets to party, Soi Cowboy has everything to entertain most people for whole night : bars, restaurants, street food during the day, and, at night, plenty of strip clubs, with entertainers dragging people from the street to one of the 40 gogo strip clubs, where many girls are working. Even simply walking in that street is a show, one of the main red light district of Bangkok !

Sugar club

Sugar club - Main stage
Main stage

Great night club on two floors, with electronic music and some shows, it is one of the greatest clubs to party in Bangkok. Easily overcrowded, it is better to take a bottle to ensure a swift entrance.

Nearby :  Insanity night club    Oskar bistro   

Corner bar soi cowboy

Corner bar soi cowboy - Street view
Street view

Situated, as its name mentions, at the corner or Soi Cowboy and Asok road, this friendly bar offers live music, great ambiance, and affordable drinks.

Nana plaza hot spot

Nana plaza hot spot - Street view
Street view

Claiming to be the Worlds Largest Adult Playground, Nana Plaza is a large adult entertainment district, with a lot of strip clubs, outdoor bars with hostesses, and restaurants.

Nearby :  Bangkok metro   

 Where to shop in Bangkok, Thailand ?

Terminal 21 shopping mall

Terminal 21 shopping mall - View from the street
View from the street

Situated right next to Asok metro station, this huge mall offers shops, restaurants, and more on 9 floors.