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 Top destination - Why go there  in Toulouse, France ?

Toulouse the pink city

Situated South West of France, not far from Spain, Andorra, and the Pyrenees mountains, Toulouse, nicknamed the pink city due to its buildings built in pink stone, is home to big industries...

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat  in Toulouse, France ?


Great place to start a party ! Cosmopolitain is a restaurant and bar lounge. With good ambiance early in the evening, it is the right spot for a bite or first drink before moving after...

 What to see  in Toulouse, France ?

Basilique Saint Sernin

An awesome piece of (pink) architecture. This church will surely pop up in your city stroll.

Capitole Toulouse

Heart of the local city administration, this amazing building, and the huge square right in front of it, are a must see. If weather allows, plenty of terraces are open for a refreshment...

 Excellent activities - What to do  in Toulouse, France ?

Free walking tours in Toulouse

Free walking tours in Toulouse

Toulouse has a large number of essential places that you should visit if you travel to the city. We recommend that you let yourself be accompanied on your tour by a local guide in any...

Trip to Pyrenees mountains

Trip to Pyrenees mountains

At a little bit more than 1h drive, on the direction to Spain and Andorra, the Pyrenees mountains are breathtaking, and offer plenty of activities by all seasons : ski, rafting, ...

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 Best clubs - Where to party  in Toulouse, France ?

Purple club

Probably the nicest club in town. With enough place to dance, several bars, a smoking lounge, and a large VIP area, it is one of the best place to wait for the sun to rise.