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Szeged, Hungarian student city

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 Top destination - Why go there  in Szeged, Hungary ?

Szeged, Hungarian student city

Third largest Hungarian city, and hosting one of the most prestigious university in the country, this city also has a huge history, and many beautiful historical buildings. The student...

 Best hotels - Where to stay  in Szeged, Hungary ?

Novotel Szeged

Contemporary and comfortable hotel, at walking distance from city center and right next to the river banks. A good choice either for business or leisure trips.

 What to see  in Szeged, Hungary ?

Szeged University

With beautiful buildings, statues, paintings, and interesting architecture, wandering between the University buildings gets very interesting.

Szeged Cathedral

Szeged cathedral, also known as Votive Church and Cathedral of Our Lady of Hungary, was built in 20th century, making it a very recent Cathedral. It is one of the main points of interest...