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Aruba, one happy island

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 Top destination - Why go there  in Palm Beach, Aruba ?

Aruba, one happy island

One happy island, the motto of Aruba, is very true and well chosen. Mostly known for its beach with flamingoes, which is actually a private hotel beach that cannot be access by non...

 Best hotels - Where to stay  in Palm Beach, Aruba ?

Del Rey Apartment

Large and cosy appartments with balconies, and a great outdoor pool with a jacuzzi, it is a great place to stay either alone, with friends or with family. At about a 15 minutes walk...

Aruba Marriott resort

Right by the beach, the very large Marriott resort in Aruba probably has the largest front beach on the island, ideal for lazy days.

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat  in Palm Beach, Aruba ?

MooMba beach bar and restaurant

A great all you can eat with an amazing grill buffer, served by great cooks, it also offers an amazing view on the Carribean sea and the sunset.

Dushi bagels and burgers

Quiet restaurant with large terrace, close to the shopping area of Palm Beach. It offers good cocktails, large burgers, and sometimes even nice guests as the iguana on the picture....

 What to see  in Palm Beach, Aruba ?

Palm beach sunset

A visit to an island isn't complete without watching a beautiful sunset. Palm beach, located on the western side of the island, offers amazing sunsets on the Carribean sea.

 Excellent activities - What to do  in Palm Beach, Aruba ?

Jolly Pirates open bar snorkeling tour

One of the funniest snorkeling day tour possible ! Accessible to all levels, it includes a tour on a pirate style boat, taking the guests to several snorkeling locations, starting with...

Palm beach Aruba

The most important beach in Aruba, Palm beach features large white sand beach on the clear blue sea, with plenty of space to relax, hotels, restaurants, bars, and all kind of fun acitivities...

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 Best clubs - Where to party  in Palm Beach, Aruba ?

Bugaloe Beach Bar and Grill

The best beach bar on the island ! Bar and grill on a pier, the place is simply amazing, surrounded by clear blue water, and right next to the perfect beach. It offers plenty of fun...

Kukoo kunuku party bus

The funniest and friendliest activity in Aruba, and probably the best party bus in the world, Kukoo Kunuku is a must do for party people on the happy island. Starting by a hotel pickup,...

 Where to shop  in Palm Beach, Aruba ?

Paseo Herencia

Plaza shopping right next to Palm Beach, the Paseo Herencia offers all kind of beach and souvenir shopping, to bring something to remember your stay on the happy island.