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Odessa, Ukrainian summer spot

Odessa, Ukrainian summer spot - Odessa coast
Odessa coast

Odessa, a coastal city South-West of Ukraine, is the main summer resort in Ukraine. On the shore of the black sea, it hosts some of the main events in summer : concerts, festivals, … Especially appreciated for beaches, beach clubs and dance clubs, prices are generally affordable, a lot of hotels are available, and it is also worth checking flat rents. The city also offers, close to the main beach spots, some open air activities : bumping cars, roller coasters, … and all kind of fun things to do.

  • Is tap water safe to drink in Odessa, Ukraine ?
  • Yes - but locals rather use it boiled and drink bottled water
  • Average prices in UA (USD - 1€ = USD$1.087786 )
  • Public transport ticket : 0.16 |
  • Taxi (5km) : 1.59 |
  • Train (200km) : 3.28 |
  • Restaurant (2 persons) : 50 |
  • 5* hotel : 380 |
  • 3* hotel : 90 |
  • Appartment rent : 390 |
  • Women haircut : 9.90 |
  • Men haircut : 7.24 |
  • Weekend city break (2 persons, 1 hotel night, without flights) : 550
Great Great 5/6 (1)  |See on map of Odessa, Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine

 Best hotels - Where to stay in Odessa, Ukraine ?

Panorama De Luxe hotel Odessa

Panorama De Luxe hotel Odessa - Coast and pool view from Panorama Hotel
Coast and pool view from Panorama Hotel

Very friendly staff and great services. Comfortable and modern. Amazing pool, usually no problem to find a deck chair. Good choice of food and good quality, free wifi working great. A little far from the center, need to take a taxi for any activity out of hotel, including shopping / partying / visiting the center.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |No problem experienced with free wifi during the stay Perfect wifi  |Expensive-Expensive Expensive  |150 EUR  |See on map of Odessa, Ukraine Мукачівський провулок, 6/8, Odessa, Ukraine

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat in Odessa, Ukraine ?

P1 Prosecco Bar

P1 Prosecco Bar - Dinner on P1 rooftop
Dinner on P1 rooftop

On the rooftop of one of the nicest hotel in town, by the sea, this is a nice place to eat in. Good choice of food, good quality – and of course, good prosecco.

Good Good 4/6 (1)  |Expensive-Expensive Expensive  |45 EUR  |See on map of Odessa, Ukraine Lidersivskyi Blvd, 1,Odessa, Ukraine

 Excellent activities - What to do in Odessa, Ukraine ?

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Mantra Beach Club

Mantra Beach Club - Mantra Beach Club
Mantra Beach Club

Located a bit down the road after Arkadia, about 15 minutes walk along the coast, this beach club is brand new. It features an outdoor pool, 3 bars, a private beach, and plenty of deck chairs and mattresses to relax – plus, on Sundays, the Get Wet party which definitely worth waking up after party. Prices are decent, and food choice is quite good – the salmon sushi rolls with Philadelphia cheese are a must try. Clubs also hosts parties in the evening – however, given the distance to Arkadia, most people prefer to go to clubs easier to access. Approximate price Entry : 8€; deckchair 10€; mattress 30€; one person food / drinks 45€

Good Good 4/6 (1)  |8 EUR  |See on map of Odessa, Ukraine Аркадия, Odessa, Ukraine

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 Best clubs - Where to party in Odessa, Ukraine ?

Ibiza Beach Club parties

Ibiza Beach Club parties - Ibiza Beach Club parties
Ibiza Beach Club parties

Just down Arkadia, by the sea, this beach club is the most famous club of Odessa, and you can party there every night – and relax during the day. It usually hosts concerts on weekends, including at least local celebrities, and they are definitely worth seeing. It has outdoor pools, private beach, deck chairs, mattresses, bars, food, and everything you need to literally spend your whole time there. Prices are decent. Approximate price Entry : 15€ for big events, 5€ otherwise; one persone whole night drinks around 40€ Looking for Odessa Ukraine summer party, this is one of the best pool party Odessa. The club officially does not close - but at dawn, after the real night Odessa pool party, they do ask guests to leave to prepare the daily Odessa ukraine beach party.

Park Residence parties

Park Residence parties - Park Residence parties
Park Residence parties

Situated in one of the main streets, this club is ideal for weekend parties. Open during the day for relaxing, it becomes at night a party complex : outdoor pool party indoor karaoke. Affordable and fun, this is one of the party place to visit. Approximate price Entry : 5€; one person whole night drinks around 40€ Our favorite party in Odessa Ukraine, for a simple reason : this real Odessa pool party kind of allows guests to take a dip at night. For a great pool party Odessa Ukraine, do not look any further, that is the right place !