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Mannheim, the squared German city

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 Top destination - Why go there  in Mannheim, Germany ?

Mannheim, the squared German city

Mannheim, located next to Heidelberg, and 30min away from Frankfurt, is nicknamed as the squared city - due to its American style streets, named with letters and numbers, and... squared....

 What to see  in Mannheim, Germany ?


The water tower, romanesque water tower built in 1886, is probably the main point of interest of the city. The city center is right in front of it, allowing to mix shopping, sightseeing,...

Mannheim Paradeplatz

Square in the center of the city center, with a beautiful central fountain, it is a must see during a walk in the center.

 Where to shop  in Mannheim, Germany ?

Galeria Kaufhof

During a city tour in Mannheim, Galeria Kaufhof is a good stop for shopping. Featuring all kind of shops on 3 flooors, it also has a restaurant with a great view on the Paradeplatz,...