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 Top destination - Why go there  in Kiev, Ukraine ?

Kiev, Ukraine

Historically very rich, Kiev is full of surprises. Sometimes called the greenest city in Europe, it's hard to get enough of its parks - there is always some to explore. As good...

 Best hotels - Where to stay  in Kiev, Ukraine ?

Boutique Hotel spa Kiev

The best spa around Kiev ! Featuring a hotel part in case you want to stay, the spa is also accessible to visitors, where you'll pay by the time you stay (app. 300GRN for an hour)....

Hotel Khreschatyk Kiev

Ideally situated at the beginning of city's main street, close to many restaurants, this hotel is a good choice. Half refurbished, you can be lucky or not, with an old soviet-style...

Hotel Ibis Kiev

Ideally situated next to the Caribbean Club, and at walking distance of the Shevchenko park this hotel, recent, cheap and comfortable, is an ideal point to stay for short or longer...

Royal Hotel De Paris

Very fancy hotel, situated right in Arena City, and therefore in the heart of all entertainment : restaurants, bars, night clubs, strip clubs. Staying on weekends might be dangerous...

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat  in Kiev, Ukraine ?

Varenichnaya Katyusha, amazing Ukrainian food

For amazing local food, in a real restaurant, visit one of the Varenichnaya Katyusha, there are 9 of them in town. Delicious for breakfast, lunch, or diner, their specialty, as indicated...

The Burger

Situated in Arena city, The Burger is the right place to eat a good…. burger. Either before party, where you can also enjoy drinks on the terrace in summer, or after party, as the...

Tchatchapoury Georgian restaurant

Amateurs of barbecues, or more generally of Georgian food, this restaurant is for you ! The portions are generous, it is tasty, easy to share, and will definitely not leave you your...

Beirut express

Lebanese food, at a very affordable price. Choice is more than reasonable, and dishes are served rather fast – although we visited out of rush hours and not many guests were present....

Mister Zuma

Situated on the 5th floor of the Gulliver shopping center, and open during weekend until 2 am, it’s an ideal place for a date on a comfortable terrace in summer. A large choice of...

Memento restaurant pizzeria

A great Italian restaurant, with large food / pizza / dessert menus, situated next to circus, that definitely worth the trip. Pizza are entirely prepared under your eyes (if you stand...

Under Wonder

In the city center, this posh restaurant offers fancy culinary experiences, which aren’t for all wallets. However, it is calm and cozy, and it’s a good place for a date.

Sushiya sushis restaurants

One of the best sushi chains in Kiev, which delivery nearly round the clock, and has many openings around the city. Don’t hesitate to try one of their Philadelphia special rolls,...

Lucky Luciano

Right next to the entrance of Ocean Plaza mall, this restaurant has a large smoking terrace, and offers a good choice of food. Ideal for a break during shopping. Approximate price...

Kanapa restaurant

At the top of Andriyivskyy descent, in the heart of the old part of Kiev, this restaurant is recommended in summer for a romantic terrace date. The food is absolutely delicious,...

Vino e Cucina

Fancy and classy restaurant, but popular, it's a good place for Italian food, especially desserts.

Entertainment Complex Avalon

Avalon is not only a restaurant, it's a complex : an indoor restaurant, a rooftop restaurant, and a club. The rooftop restaurant is one of the best in Kiev, and will surely please...

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 What to see  in Kiev, Ukraine ?

Shevchenko park

For a nice walk outside, enjoying either the summer sun, or the winter snow, Shevchenko park, opposite the university, is a great place to chill out during any season. Do not hesitate...

Expo center

With many old style buildings, and interesting events, it might be the place to attend some original exhibitions - or simply chill in the park or in summer join the beach club.

 Excellent activities - What to do  in Kiev, Ukraine ?

Beach club La provincia

If you're in Kiev in summer, and can manage your way with a taxi, this confidential beach club is the best of all. Not widely known, it's easy to get a deck chair or a mattress...

Bora Bora beach club

A personal favorite beach club in Kiev ! Why ? It has music, but is still calm, it has got two swimming pool, plus a beach, it has beach deck chairs next to the river, and mattresses...

Free walking tours in Kyiv

Free walking tours in Kyiv

Ancient Kyiv Tour Free Full Walking Tour of Kyiv in Spanish and English Modern Kyiv Walking Tour Soviet Kiev Tour Revolution Free Tour The Kiev Ancient free tour Lavra Hills Tour Downtown...

Sobi Club Kiev

A little outside of Kiev, this beach club is simply amazing, for a day, vacation, or even a wedding. It hosts 2 pools, a spa with several saunas, a hotel, a garden with deck chairs,...

Pripyat day tour - visit of the abandoned city of Chernobyl nuclear disaster

In the region of Kiev, at about a 3 hours drive, it is possible to go for a day tour to visit the abandoned city of Pripyat, which was built to host the workers of the nearby Chernobyl...

X-park, seasonal sport

X-park, on an island on the river close to the center of Kiev, is the place to enjoy seasonal sports in the city. In winter, it is a great place to enjoy a Banya, a Russian sauna :...


Newly opened beach club, in the expo center, it's a very chill place without much children. It has a large pool, and also a beach volley playground.

Olmeca plage

A large pool with long chairs / mattresses, a beach with lot of long chairs.... this sounds awesome ! Olmeca is a nice place, however, very crowded, especially on weekends, with loud...

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 Best clubs - Where to party  in Kiev, Ukraine ?

Caribbean Club

Probably one of the best clubs in town. Featuring regular shows, live bands, dancers, and other surprises, this club is the perfect place for dance lovers. Prices are affordable, and...


A very good club, always with a nice photograph. Playing mostly electronic music, there’s always some show with dancers going on, mostly females but also some males. The skybar club...

D*Lux Entertainment Complex

Club on two levels in Kiev - featuring an outdoor terrace on top of that in summer, it's a pretty good choice for going out. As you'll have two to three different ambiances...

CHI by Decadence House Киев

A bit away from the center, on a party street, Chi is a new venue from 2016. It is usually packed, and has a constant show with dancers. Music is only electronic. Approximate price...

 Where to shop  in Kiev, Ukraine ?

Ukraina Shopping Mall

You'll generally find most of what you need in this mall : clothes, souvenirs, sport, jewelry, exchange service, ...