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Heidelberg, most picturesque city in Germany

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 Top destination - Why go there  in Heidelberg, Germany ?

Heidelberg, most picturesque city in Germany

Heidelberg's history, a 150 000 inhabitants town in Germany, also known as The most picturesque city in Germany, dates back to 14th century. In most places in the city, it feels...

 Best hotels - Where to stay  in Heidelberg, Germany ?

Crowne Plaza Heidelberg

Surely the best choice in the city ! Walking distance from the old town, shuttle to Frankfurt airport, buses and tramways to most places (including SAP Walldorf for business travellers)...

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat  in Heidelberg, Germany ?

Bier Brezel

Authentic and local restaurant, situated right next to the Church of the Holy Spirit, is the right place for a great dinner before or after hiking to the castle. Their specialty - as...

 What to see  in Heidelberg, Germany ?

Heidelberg castle

The castle, dating back up to 13th century, is one of the most important structures of the Renaissance, north of the Alps. It looks amazing from all sides - by day and by night. It...

Church of the Holy Spirit

Built in the 14th century, main church of the city, and main building of the old town, it is a must see when wandering in the picturesque streets.


This baroque church in the old town will surely keep your attention when you'll pass nearby.

 Excellent activities - What to do  in Heidelberg, Germany ?

Free walking tours in Heidelberg

Free walking tours in Heidelberg

Heidelberg Walking Tour Free Walking Tour Heidelberg Free walking tour Heidelberg - discover this great city

Karl Theodor Bridge

Karl Theodor's Bridge, or Old Bridge, is a stone bridge in the city, right next to the old town. Its curved shape allows awesome points of view on the castle and the river.

Heidelberg old town

The streets of Heidelberg are a must do - wander around, climb the small stairs and paths leading to the castle. Surprises are awaiting at every corner.

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 Where to shop  in Heidelberg, Germany ?

Haupstrasse pedestrian street

Main street in the old town, going from one side in the city center, to the other side at the feet of the castle. It offers plenty of picturesque small streets around, and also many...