Top destination - Why go there in Corfu, Greece ?

Corfu, touristic Greek island

Corfu, touristic Greek island - Sea view
Sea view

Corfu island, in Greece on the Ionian sea, is an amazing summer destination. Not only for the nice beaches, the amazing food, or the nice people, it also has an amazing cultural heritage, shown in the architectures, which comes from Greek, French, British, Venetian inspiration. The city features two fortresses, arcades, an amazing old town, … Beware the taxi, especially when taking them in the street, as they do not mind cheating on tourists.

  • Is tap water safe to drink in Corfu, Greece ?
  • Yes
  • Average prices in GR (USD - 1€ = USD$1.073174 )
  • Public transport ticket : 1.37 |
  • Taxi (5km) : 5.01 |
  • Train (200km) : 15.1 |
  • Restaurant (2 persons) : 80 |
  • 5* hotel : 290 |
  • 3* hotel : 100 |
  • Appartment rent : 770 |
  • Women haircut : 20.36 |
  • Men haircut : 14.78 |
  • Weekend city break (2 persons, 1 hotel night, without flights) : 530
Not so good Not so good 2/6 (1)  |See on map of Corfu, Greece Corfu, Greece

 Best hotels - Where to stay in Corfu, Greece ?

Corfu City marina hotel

Corfu City marina hotel - twin bed room
twin bed room

Small and cozy hotel, with a nice location by the old town, this hotel is a cheap alternative to resorts, if you plan to spend most of your time walking in the city and enjoying outdoor. Activities are limited to a breakfast. Hotel staff is friendly and helpful, and will help you organize the excursions you want to. It has air conditioned and wifi functioning quite well, rooms are equipped with empty fridges.

Average Average 3/6 (1)  |Free wifi is terrible, many connection or speed issues Terrible wifi  |Expensive-Expensive Expensive  |90 EUR  |See on map of Corfu, Greece 15 Donzelot str., Corfu 491 00, Greece

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat in Corfu, Greece ?

Old fortress restaurant

Old fortress restaurant - Gyros with tzatziki sauce and amazing view
Gyros with tzatziki sauce and amazing view

You can enjoy amazing traditional Greek food nearly everywhere on Corfu – but other restaurants will hardly beat the view you’ll get from the old fortress. The classic Gyros were a pleasure, served with a tasty tzatziki sauce, and are perfect for a break after a long walk in the fortress. Approximate price 25 EUR per person for a meal – 4 EUR entrance fee on the fortress

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |Affordable-Affordable Affordable  |25 EUR  |See on map of Corfu, Greece Corfu 491 00, Greece

Antranik restaurant

Antranik restaurant - Restaurant with sea view
Restaurant with sea view

For some traditional Greek food by the sea, Antranik is a great choice. Go there, stay on the nice terrace, enjoy the amazing sea view, and appreciate nice local beers, tasty tzatziki, and amazing moussaka.

Good Good 4/6 (1)  |Affordable-Affordable Affordable  |20 EUR  |See on map of Corfu, Greece Arseniou, Kerkira 491 00, Greece

 What to see in Corfu, Greece ?

Old fortress Corfu

Old fortress Corfu - acropolis

The old fortress of Corfu started to be built on 16th century. It has been upgraded until 18th century. It contains a lot of Venetian inspiration, as well as old Greek – you can for example find an acropolis. The tour is largely worth the small entrance fee, as it is correctly restored, and you can spend hours wondering in the complex, admiring the view, or enjoying a nice dinner in the restaurant.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |4 EUR  |See on map of Corfu, Greece Corfu, Greece

New fortress

New fortress - View on the new fortress
View on the new fortress

The new fortress of Corfu was built during the 16th and 17th century, by the Venetians. Not correctly renovated, there isn’t much to see. However, it is a nice hike ending with a nice city view – and entrance is free.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |See on map of Corfu, Greece Corfu 491 00, Greece

 Excellent activities - What to do in Corfu, Greece ?

Free walking tours in Corfu

Free walking tour Corfu

Amazing Amazing 6/6 (1)  |Cheap-Cheap Cheap  |See on map of Corfu, Greece Corfu, Greece

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 Where to shop in Corfu, Greece ?

Old town shopping Corfu

Old town shopping Corfu - main shopping street
main shopping street

The old town, situated between the old fortress and the new fortress, is a nice place to spend hours shopping for souvenirs, looking for local restaurants, or enjoying drinks under the sun. It is mostly pedestrian only, as anyway composed of small streets.

Good Good 4/6 (1)  |See on map of Corfu, Greece Corfu, Greece