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Cairo, capital of Egypt

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 Top destination - Why go there  in Cairo, Egypt ?

Cairo, capital of Egypt

Cairo is a huge city, with 20 million people in its metropolitan area. The weather there is very warm - hardly bearable, especially in summer. Streets are dangerous, it is not recommended...

 Best hotels - Where to stay  in Cairo, Egypt ?

Moevenpick Hotel & Casino Cairo - Media City

No sleepers or bathrobe, but at least free bottled water, wifi and clean. Nice pools and generally acceptable choice of food. Has a small night club, but not very busy.

Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort hotel

A 5* star hotel without wifi, 30$ for 24h cable internet... very disappointing ! Hopefully there's a pool and a spa. Situated right next to Dreamland's golf. Too expensive for...

 Excellent activities - What to do  in Cairo, Egypt ?

Free walking tours in Cairo

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Sound and light show on Giza pyramids

Probably the best way to enjoy the pyramids of Giza ! A ~30min sound and light show on the pyramids explains a small part of the pyramids history, with comfortable seats and a good...