Top destination - Why go there in Bali, Indonesia ?

Bali, Indonesian island

Bali, Indonesian island - Street roundabout art
Street roundabout art

Bali is a well known Indonesian island, for its beaches, its nightlife, but also the numerous activities you can enjoy there. The local culture is amazing, would it be the nice people, the beautiful art, the amazing history, and much more.

  • Is tap water safe to drink in Bali, Indonesia ?
  • No - locals rather use it boiled and drink / brush their teeth with bottled water
  • Average prices in ID (USD - 1€ = USD$1.085417 )
  • Public transport ticket : 0.28 |
  • Taxi (5km) : 2.66 |
  • Train (200km) : 8.49 |
  • Restaurant (2 persons) : 40 |
  • 5* hotel : 340 |
  • 3* hotel : 210 |
  • Appartment rent : 260 |
  • Women haircut : 4.63 |
  • Men haircut : 4.50 |
  • Weekend city break (2 persons, 1 hotel night, without flights) : 690
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 Best hotels - Where to stay in Bali, Indonesia ?

Mercure Kuta Beach

Mercure Kuta Beach - Sea and beach view from the rooftop pool
Sea and beach view from the rooftop pool

Hotel situated right next to Kuta Beach, with awesome view on the sunsets, with everything at walking distance : beach, shopping, restaurants, activities, clubs, ... The awesome rooftop pool itself is a sufficient reason to choose it !

Amazing Amazing 6/6 (1)  |No problem experienced with free wifi during the stay Perfect wifi  |Extravagant-Extravagant Extravagant  |120 EUR  |See on map of Bali, Indonesia Jalan Pantai Kuta, Br. Pande Mas, Badung, Bali, 80361, Indonesia

Mercure Nusa Dua

Mercure Nusa Dua - Outdoor pools
Outdoor pools

At a walking distance of Nusa Dua beach, it is a good choice if you want to rest. Outdoor pool is amazing. However, the main party happens on the other side of the island, near Kuta.

Nearby :  Mai mai restaurant   

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat in Bali, Indonesia ?

Bamboo Bar & Grill

Bamboo Bar & Grill - Live band, bar and seating
Live band, bar and seating

Perfect stop during your shopping around Kuta, on your way back from the beach, this restaurant features a live band, a generous choice of grilled meat and fish, and all for an affordable price.

Great Great 5/6 (1)  |Affordable-Affordable Affordable  |10 EUR  |See on map of Bali, Indonesia Jl. Kartika, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Mai mai restaurant

Mai mai restaurant - Restaurant view
Restaurant view

A good place to enjoy local food, close by Nusa Dua beach

Nearby :  Mercure Nusa Dua   

Hard Rock Cafe Bali

Hard Rock Cafe Bali - Bar and live band
Bar and live band

Is there any need to present the famous Hard Rock Cafe ? With the usual quality and choice of food, plus the friendly English speaking staff and live bands, it's a good place to enjoy some Western food when you need a break from the local specialties.

 Excellent activities - What to do in Bali, Indonesia ?

Bali White Water Rafting

Bali White Water Rafting - Rafting trip
Rafting trip

If you have never experienced rafting, and enjoy water, you definitely should ! This company is very trustworthy, trips include insurance, pick up and delivery at hotel, and you can easily book online. They answer in a timely manner, and it's no problem to join a raft even if you're alone. The level is quite easy (grade 3 and 4), therefore do not be afraid, it is very unlikely to fall in the water, or hurt yourself during the raft trip. In any case, the river isn't very deep, and the rapids won't take you far away. A lot of fun with a ~2h trip from Denpasar, 2 to 3h in the water, including a warm meal at the end, and, on your way there, a coffee tasting if traffic didn't make you late.

Amazing Amazing 6/6 (1)  |390000 IDR  |See on map of Bali, Indonesia Bali, Indonesia

Kuta beach

Kuta beach - Sunset on Kuta Beach
Sunset on Kuta Beach

Surfing spot, but also party place, the long Kuta beach is the perfect place to spend your holiday.

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