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 Top destination - Why go there  for best traditional food ?

Rhodes, Greek Easternmost island

Rhodes (or Rhodos), a large Greek island, is also the Easternmost one. Perfect place for summer holiday, with ton of hotels, beaches, thermes, parties, and activities for everybody....

Vienna, Austria

At the heart of Europe, Vienna, is a hub for the European Union, in many terms : culture, industry, art, … The city is huge – some days are required only to see it from outside,...

Paris, capital of France

Who needs to introduce Paris ? Widely known as one of the, if not the, most romantic city in the world, Paris is full of wonders : the Arc the Triomphe, the Eiffel tower, and many monuments,...

Brussels, Belgian capital

The capital and most populated city of Belgium, Brussels is at the cross of two languages, French and Dutch, and benefits from this cultural exchange, making it an international city....

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 Best hotels - Where to stay  for best traditional food ?

Mercure Kuta Beach

Hotel situated right next to Kuta Beach, with awesome view on the sunsets, with everything at walking distance : beach, shopping, restaurants, activities, clubs, ... The awesome rooftop...

Boutique Hotel spa Kiev

The best spa around Kiev ! Featuring a hotel part in case you want to stay, the spa is also accessible to visitors, where you'll pay by the time you stay (app. 300GRN for an hour)....

Radisson AR Bogota airport

Surely the best hotel choice in the city ! With a complimentary shuttle, a good gym, a relaxing spa, a great service, and a good location near Gran Estacion mall, this hotel has a huge...

Radisson Cartagena Ocean Pavillon Hotel

This exceptional hotel, situated right on La Boquilla beach, offers great views from both sides, with the Caribbean sea in front, and the lake in the back. Service is exceptional, food...

Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens

The Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens is up to the Radisson Blu standard : comfortable, well located, spacious, contemporary, great staff, amazing breakfast, free and good wifi. However,...

Novotel Athens

Probably one of the best hotel choice in Athens, especially in summer ! With an awesome rooftop pool and restaurant, especially for the panoramic city and acropolis view, it's difficult...

Hotel Khreschatyk Kiev

Ideally situated at the beginning of city's main street, close to many restaurants, this hotel is a good choice. Half refurbished, you can be lucky or not, with an old soviet-style...

Radisson Blu Dubai Downtown

Close (5min taxi) to the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa tower and dancing fountains, the Radisson Blu Downtown features everything needed from a hotel. Hotel is recent, rooms are comfortable,...

Hotel Ibis Kiev

Ideally situated next to the Caribbean Club, and at walking distance of the Shevchenko park this hotel, recent, cheap and comfortable, is an ideal point to stay for short or longer...

Princess Flora

Relatively cheap hotel for the area, about 30€ away from airport by taxi and 10€ from Rhodes old town, close to the beaches and Calitea Thermes, with a large pool for adults and...

Holiday Inn Tagansky

Great choice to be close to Moscow city, and not too far from Domodedovo airport, this hotel is at the gates of the city from airport. Staff is friendly, and hotel is comfortable with...

Cleopatra hotel

Probably the best choice in the city. This hotel offers all necessary amenities : outdoor pool, gym, room service, rooms with balcony and AC,.... But its main advantage is to be right...

 Finest restaurants - Where to eat  for best traditional food ?

Varenichnaya Katyusha, amazing Ukrainian food

For amazing local food, in a real restaurant, visit one of the Varenichnaya Katyusha, there are 9 of them in town. Delicious for breakfast, lunch, or diner, their specialty, as indicated...

Typical cuisine on Monserrate

After climbing the 1200 steps leading to the top of Monserrate - or taking the funicular / cable car - and reaching 3170 meters / 10400 feet high, and going through the tourist shops,...

El Sitio restaurant

Typical and local restaurant in Bogota, situated in a very small street, at walking distance from the Capitolio Nacional / Primera Catedral, El Sitio is a great small restaurant offering...

La Ponderosa Gran Estacion

During a shopping trip in Gran Estacion, to avoid the usual fast foods on the food court, the great typical restaurant La Ponderosa offers awesome local cuisine, with interesting juices...

El Balcon Eat Drink Love

Probably one of the nicest places to eat in town. El Balcon Eat Drink Love, on top of having a great name, is a restaurant on a balcony, with direct view on Plaza San Diego and its...

Moulin Rouge Show

Good food, show, ambiance, price. Was looking for a place to go on a Wednesday, to eat and celebrate a special occasion past 11pm. We found this place, which features some shows with...

Pandok Yerevan

Great restaurant with traditional Armenian food. Ideally situated close to center, it featurs a smoking room and an amazing choice of food. Hard to be disappointed.

Le Tire-Bouchon, traditional alsacian food

For a traditional meal, a good restaurant - locally called Winstub - is Le Tire-Bouchon (the corkscrew). With a choice of food and wines large enough to show you most of the local cuisine...

Old fortress restaurant

You can enjoy amazing traditional Greek food nearly everywhere on Corfu – but other restaurants will hardly beat the view you’ll get from the old fortress. The classic Gyros were...

Rugbyman n°Two

Coming in Brussels, you must have heard of some of their most famous dishes ? Of course, their fries (baked twice at different temperatures), that go marvelously well with... mussles....

Plateia Dipopratiriou

Terrace restaurant at walking distance of Monastiraki, serving traditional Greek dishes, with a great atmosphere. Prices are correct for the area, service is good, and food is very...

Bier Brezel

Authentic and local restaurant, situated right next to the Church of the Holy Spirit, is the right place for a great dinner before or after hiking to the castle. Their specialty - as...

Figlmüller Wollzeile

The inventor of the Wiener Schnitzel, one of the most iconic meal of Austria ! The restaurant is full any time of the week, therefore consider booking beforehand. Queuing at the door...

Ancienne douane

As it names indicates, this restaurant is situated in the former customs building. At walking distance from all main points of interest, it is very popular with local crowd, as it is...

Altstadt restaurant

Comfortable and tasty restaurant, it serves mostly typical German food. In the middle of the old town, it is a good stopping place during shopping or sightseeing trip.

KGB Krčma Gurmánov Bratislavy

With cold war / Russian occupation style decoration, this unique restaurant with great atmosphere serves amazing local food. Mostly plates with grilled meat - and for an affordable...

La Libera

Close by the main restaurant area in Milan, this restaurant hidden in a small side street, is a great place for dinner. Very busy - and noisy - at the peak times, it is however open...

Orexi restaurant

This small restaurant along the sea short has many advantages : great food, beach proximity, and awesome sunset visible directly from the table. They offer great greek meals, really...

Khao San street food

Visits in Bangkok are synonym of tasty street food, and that is the case on Khao San road. Plenty of offers day and night, with of course Pad Thai and spring rolls.

Khaosan road spring rolls

Tasty spring rolls is one of the must try when in Bangkok, and the ones on Khaosan road are great.

Suda Thai restaurant

Praised by tourists connoisseurs, but also by local people, this restaurant will most likely ask you to wait for a table at busy times. Offering the whole range of Thai specialties,...

Tchatchapoury Georgian restaurant

Amateurs of barbecues, or more generally of Georgian food, this restaurant is for you ! The portions are generous, it is tasty, easy to share, and will definitely not leave you your...

Pier 7

With 7 different restaurants on as many floors, right in the center of the Marina, this is the best place to have dinner during a walk around the marina. The last floor hosts a rooftop...

Patacones restaurant Gran Estacion

While shopping in the mall, and looking for the best food on the food court, do try Patacones restaurant, named after the local specialty it serves : patacon. This tasty Colombian street...

Cafe del Mar

Known locally as the best place in town to watch beautiful sunsets on the Carribean sea, it is the case ! Built on the fortifications, at a western corner, it has a large choice of...


Lot of choice, as it is a self service restaurant you can see food as you take it. Ambiance is great - very nice decoration, though seats are not very comfortable. Take care when taking...

Baobab Tavern

A nice underground tavern in city center. Easy to access, good food, good service, smoking area, acceptable wine selection

Kasematten Düsseldorf, dine by the river

Next to old town, and along the river and the Rhine promenade, it worth stopping at Kasematten for a beer or a diner. Food service is a little slow, but it's not an issue given...

Brauerei Schumacher

To enjoy a nice (and large) traditional German meal, accompanied by a freshly brewed beer, the Schumacher brewery is a top choice is city center. Beers are served until you ask them...

U Danovaka restaurant

Traditional Slovakian restaurant, with a good food choice for real local price. You can easily watch some games there, and can go with a large crowd, their tables can host 10 groups....

Pub u Zeleného stromu

Contemporary pub, situated on Bratislava’s main street – although the entrance is on the back of the building. Large choice of local meals, good and fast service, affordable and...

Antranik restaurant

For some traditional Greek food by the sea, Antranik is a great choice. Go there, stay on the nice terrace, enjoy the amazing sea view, and appreciate nice local beers, tasty tzatziki,...

Lunch place on Panos

Between your drop off at Monastiraki and your visit to the Acropolis, a good way to enjoy a nice local lunch with view on the Acropolis hill is to stop at one of the restaurants on...


Very good restaurant in the harbour, it is a good choice for large, and also for business meetings. It has a large terrace in summer, and large tables inside by all time. Serving German-like...

L'Eden cafe

Good brasserie to stop by if you enjoy more popular local food. Timely served and affordable, as most brasseries are in France. The dessert choice is great.


Italy is famous for its food, and, actually... the reputation is well deserved ! Don't hesitate to stop in any street restaurant, enjoy a terrace if possible, and try out the local...

Shark pool bar

Day and night bar by the pool of the Radisson Blu Yas Island, it offers a correct choice of fast food and beverages to enjoy while laying down on a deck chair.

Cafe noir

Small cafe restaurant with a very good terrace, close by the main shopping area in Milan. Affordable and getting a good sun at lunch, it is a delicious stop on a shopping day.

Farinami Pisani

Looking for a lunch or dinner place at walking distance from the trainstation, this is the right place. With a large covered and heated terrace on the street, a good cocktail choice,...

Koukos restaurant

Situated in the main street of Rhodes, this restaurant has a very peculiar design, which stands out from the other restaurants around. The choice is large, with great food - do not...

Janet and Johns

Probably the nicest beach club in Anjuna ! With nice staff, a lot of deck chairs, and good and fast service, great prices and a comfortable choice of food and beverages, plus a DJ,...

Street restaurant Arkadia

Cheap and fast restaurant, perfect for a quick stop while shopping in Arkadia. In summer, the terrace is one of the best ones in the city to enjoy a lunch and take some sun. With day...

Hala Koszyki

Currently the trendiest place in Warsaw ! This hall features plenty of bars and restaurants with all kind of cuisine, with a large central seating space.

Kanapa restaurant

At the top of Andriyivskyy descent, in the heart of the old part of Kiev, this restaurant is recommended in summer for a romantic terrace date. The food is absolutely delicious,...

MooMba beach bar and restaurant

A great all you can eat with an amazing grill buffer, served by great cooks, it also offers an amazing view on the Carribean sea and the sunset.

Zaatar w Zeit

Lebanese chain of fast food, they offer great salads with local ingredients, served quickly.

Chez Tof

Restaurant serving French south western food (foie gras, cassoulet and other specialties), it is very affordable for the area, and the portions are huge - you will not leave it hungry,...

Lindos restaurant

Probably the most touristic restaurant in the city, it offers an amazing view from the rooftop on both the city and the acropolis. There are places with better food around - however,...

Tom Yum Kung restaurant

Names after a famous Thai meal, this restaurant has an ideal location at the end of Khaosan road.

Restaurants in Corso Como

No idea where to eat and start a party night ? Then a good choice is to get out Garibaldi FS metro, at the Garibaldi transtation, and walk straight in Corso Como. Plenty of restaurants,...

 What to see  for best traditional food ?

Strasbourg Christmas market

Christmas market, existing since 1570, making it the oldest in Europe, is a must see around Christmas. All around town, several temporary Christmas market are set up, the most interesting...

Day trip to Nyon

At only 15 minutes from Geneva central station, either by car or train, this small medieval city is perfect for an afternoon walk in its small streets, up to the castle. In summer,...

 Excellent activities - What to do  for best traditional food ?

Canelazo, typical street drink

Canelazo, a typical hot drink from the Andes, is available in the streets in Bogota, freshly made. It typically consists of sugar cane alcohol (aguardiente), sugar, and water boiled...

Salpicon de frutas

While going up to Monserrate - or somewhere else in the country - try a salpicon de frutas, a Colombian fruit cocktail which mixes several local, and often unknown for foreigners, Colombian...

Kalithea Springs

Probably one of the best places to hang out on the coast ! Formerly Greek therms, Kalithea Springs is a place to visit, to lay on a deck chair, to swim in the sea, to enjoy local food....

Melcocha handmade candy

Melcocha, a handmade candy typical of Colombia, is something you might want to try if you like sweets - you probably have never tried anything similar ! We tried one on the way to Monserrate,...

Patacon on Plaza de la Trinidad

Cannot visit Colombia, and especially Cartagena, without trying street food, especially patacon ! On Plaza de la Trinidad, great ones are served, for a very cheap price. Our advice...

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 Best clubs - Where to party  for best traditional food ?

World famous Decades bar

Named itself world famous, this nice bar, located on a main road, is very good to either watch soccer, to play billiard, or to enjoy food and drinks with friends.