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 Best hotels - Where to stay  for best spas ?

Hotel Sofitel Victoria Warsaw

Hotel Sofitel Victoria Warsaw is generally a good choice - weekend price are usually affordable, location is great, next to the party street, and undeground pool is open whole year.

Crowne Plaza Heidelberg

Surely the best choice in the city ! Walking distance from the old town, shuttle to Frankfurt airport, buses and tramways to most places (including SAP Walldorf for business travellers)...

La Réserve Genève - Hotel, Spa and Villas  

One of the most amazing hotels in Geneva, if not in Switzerland ! With a spa, in indoor ice rink, perfect service, and amazing food, it is one of the best places to spend some quality...

Boutique Hotel spa Kiev

The best spa around Kiev ! Featuring a hotel part in case you want to stay, the spa is also accessible to visitors, where you'll pay by the time you stay (app. 300GRN for an hour)....

Radisson AR Bogota airport

Surely the best hotel choice in the city ! With a complimentary shuttle, a good gym, a relaxing spa, a great service, and a good location near Gran Estacion mall, this hotel has a huge...

Radisson Cartagena Ocean Pavillon Hotel

This exceptional hotel, situated right on La Boquilla beach, offers great views from both sides, with the Caribbean sea in front, and the lake in the back. Service is exceptional, food...

Aquatek Hotel

Aquatek hotel, situated in the outskirts of Yerevan, offers an indoor aquaparc, and is right next to an outdoor one. Rooms are spacious, aquaparc is not overcrowded even in peak period,...

Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Centre

A bit away from city center (a few euros with taxi, or a 10 min walk), it is a good choice especially for a long stay. It features a great fitness with an amazing spa, have a casino...

Sofitel Wroclaw

Most likely the best hotel in town. At walking distance from the city center, the main square, and all restaurants, bars and clubs, featuring a good gym and a relaxing spa, plus an...

Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel

Nice location, good price, good amenities, wifi and spa included - the only bad point is that the jacuzzi is not that nice (not many bubles), and room embed ironing board is not suitable...

 Excellent activities - What to do  for best spas ?

Sobi Club Kiev

A little outside of Kiev, this beach club is simply amazing, for a day, vacation, or even a wedding. It hosts 2 pools, a spa with several saunas, a hotel, a garden with deck chairs,...