Why Should You Take Your Own Towels While Traveling?

Taking your towel on every trip is silly to say and listen first. But yes, you are right to listen that towel can be the essential part of your journey or traveling. All types of the hotel wouldn’t accommodate you with such minor stuff. Some luxurious hotels, during traveling, accommodate their visitors with many accessories, including towels. Then why would we have our towel? Places like couch surfing, cottage rental, campground, and university dorm accommodations even in convents stay. Please take your towel and don’t rely on their adjustments.

Even if you travel for a short distance, have your small towel for sweating and hand dry. In trains, buses, or flights, towels are required and help maintain hygiene during traveling. Light-weighted towels are now available, and one can easily purchase them to maintain their health and avoid any infection or virus. Many different towels are now in the market, but best of all, microfiber towels can absorb much water and feel fresh with every use. Here we discuss that why we should have our towels during traveling.

Traditional cotton-blend towels:

Positive aspects:

they are soft and comfortable and remind you of your home. A traditional towel is free of charge because of its ease of access. The best feature is its absorbance power and its toweling task with ease.

Negative aspects:

yes, they are large and may give you a hard time fit-in into your bag. A lot of difficulties were faced in packing. Because of its size may take a long time to dry and smells as musty if packed when still damp. Traditional towels are never on the top list.

Things you learned from my experience:

while working on a Malawi university campus, I had the experience of buying my cream-colored towel with me. Honestly! Fools can choose that light color for a dusky environment where wash cannot be easy. It looked nightmare to clean your hand with such a towel and never really looked clean. I should have picked a quick dry bath towel to avoid these flaws.

We utilize them favorably:

we can take them in a semester abroad and car road trips where luggage is small enough. I used a solo towel at the first of my trip, and it helped me out much.

Travelling towel:

Positive points:

microfibers shammy towels that are your favorite are very light weighted and take up very little space in your packing. It is also known as quick-dry towels as they can dry quickly compared to other towels. You can wet your towel when you use towels, but because of its microfiber accessibility, its dryness power rate is much more. You can easily hang up your towel for dry as it takes less time to dry off.

Negative points:

sometimes people use these towels to wash the cars and absorb more water than traditional towels. But after its use, I never feel it 100% dry, as they claim. A little time is required, or a proper open area is required for 100% dry. The soaking wet shammy towels take more time to dry than the traditional towel. It’s not like you take it in the air for 5 min and then toss it in your pack. No, it’s not that easy.

Where we can utilize it:

We utilize it in ultra-light backpackers. During traveling where people need to feel light, they can use it. They are also feasible for lightweight beach towels for campers and hikers.

The “we feel like a real towel, honest!” towel:

  • It is also called microfiber sports towels. Its positive points are that they are like shammy towels, hybrid design features that present its lightweight, low volume, quick-dry, and anti-microfiber of wide variety in size and color. Suitable for showering in hostels. The main point is that they look like regular towels with somehow different designs or patterns.
  • The negative points of these towels are their volume. It seems light-weighted than Sammy towels but still heavy in weight, and you may feel difficulty carrying them. Its cost is also a little bit much than the other microfiber towels.

To wrap it up!

The traveling needs some stuff from any of the travelers. Towels are essential as they are required at any point or during the journey. Often, you may not be in a situation to use the towels of the local places, so to avoid such conditions, you have to choose the best towel option for the good of your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a good travel towel?
This is of course a matter of taste, but there are certain tips for travel towels. In order for the towel to serve you longer, it must be processed with a double seam. Plus, choose the material - cotton. Because it is natural, quite durable, pleasant to the touch. It does not cause allergies and irritations. And what is important: perfectly absorbs moisture.

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